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  Yangzhou Jinwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of special vehicles and equipment for sanitation. It has good reputation and timely service. Its address is Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. In order to ensure that customers in all regions can enjoy the best service, our company has set up a "regional after-sales service center" in the main areas of 28 provinces and municipalities in China, which is mainly responsible for all parts of the country. After-sales service of products in districts and surrounding cities and counties. Each regional center has 3 - 6 service personnel, 1 damage assessment and technical personnel, and 2 dedicated after-sales service vehicles for each area. It can ensure that the specific response is given 10 minutes after receiving the customer's telephone repair notification, and arrives at the service site within 2-4 hours (routine failure does not exceed 8 hours to solve). In case of major service failure, our company will quickly coordinate the service between the cooperation areas and directly assign the company's after-sales service emergency team to the service site to solve the problem (generally no more than 24 small). Solve the problem at the right time. Our company has passed the "five-star after-sales service system certification" and has been operating effectively. These measures can ensure that all users can provide timely and efficient after-sales service during the use of the equipment, and solve the worries behind!

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   Company's Service Commitment

  1. Jinwei environmental protection service stations and service personnel distributed throughout the country can provide users with the best quality services and extend value-added services at any time.

  2. Provide lifelong technical services to Jinwei brand products.

  3. Implement return visit service for users who purchase vehicles and equipment.

  4. Provide after-sales service hotline for users, receive, record and deal with customer problems. After receiving the user's telephone information, the after-sales service manager coordinates the arrangement. The service staff of the regional service station should arrive 24 hours, 36 hours in remote areas and provide effective service.

  5. Provide free technical services for products within the warranty period and non-profit paid services for products beyond the warranty period.

  6. Provide technical training for users so that they can use and maintain the purchased products correctly and reasonably.

  7. For first-time or mass-purchased users, Jinwei Environmental Protection will arrange professional equipment installers and after-sales personnel to provide on-site use guidance and short-term training.

Yangzhou Jinwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. National Authorized Service Station Contact

Province City Service station name Address Webmaster/distributor Fixed telephone Mobile phone Remarks
Jiangsu Province Yangzhou Company after sales service headquarters No. 50, Xinganquan East Road, Yangzhou City Chao Wang  051485828938 15252789934 13004593797  
Xuefeng Xu  051485828938 18061162866  
Salt city Binhai County After-sales Service Station No. 68 Xiangyang Avenue, Dongkan Town, Binhai County, Yancheng City (Binhai County Haoyu Automobile Service Co., Ltd.) Xunzhang Chen    18014685288  
Zhejiang Province Gaoyou City Gaoyou City After-sales Branch Gaoyou Jian Chu   15150833368 15150863468  
Changxing County, Huzhou City Changxing County Service Station Changxing County, Zhejiang Province Changxing Kanghua Automobile Repair Factory) Linfa Fan   13567262168
Wenzhou city Wenzhou City Service Station   Jiqiang Li    13777771393  
Taizhou Taizhou City Service Station   Yubai Zhong    18267625777  
Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Fengxian District Service Station 1150 Qifeng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai Xiaoliang Wei    13818318938  
Jun Wu   13917033890  
Shandong Province Jinan City Jinan Service Station 6-6-102, North District, Taoyuan Community, Huaiyin District, Jinan City Ming Li   13665319619  
Tengzhou City Tengzhou Service Station South side of the middle school of Houcanggou Village, Nanshahe Town, Tengzhou City Houan Du   15806328078  
Tao Sun   15906328078  
Jining City Jining Service Station Jinyu Jinyu Auto Parts City Guoguang Yang   15853752557  
Jiangxi Province Fuzhou City Fuzhou City Service Station No. 29, B1 District, Business City, Le'an County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province Shaohua Wang   15946935545  
Fujian Province Fuzhou Fuzhou Service Station Fuzhou Taijiang District Donghao Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Zhenlei Yang   15205018812  
Qiang Li   18259172672  
Guangdong Province Guangzhou City Guangzhou Service Station Huangpu District, Guangzhou City Zhanwu Chen 020-82270982 13392622887  
 Xin Zeng 13316132366  
Yunnan Province Kunming City Kunming Service Station Opposite to the 4th Brigade of Liangjiahe Traffic Police, Kunming City, Yunnan Province Xuehua Yu 0871-68318000 13085394246  
Jiahua Li 15808884443  
Guizhou Province Guiyang City Guiyang City Service Station No. 2, No. 20, Hongqiao Waterfront, Jiefang West Road, Nanming District, Guiyang City Wei Ge 0851-85519421 18690722855  
Shengzhao Huang   13765018670  
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Ningwu City Ningwu City After-sales Service Station Chongxing Town Government Office Building, Lingwu City, Ningxia Shengbao Hu   13469693669  
Zhilin Ma   15121907588  
Shaanxi Province Xi'an City Xi'an Service Station Building 5, West Gate, Yanchang Petroleum District, Wenjing Road, Xi'an Baoqiang Yan   18602967155  
Jianjun Tao   18629367673  
Fei Zeng   18691635128  
Wenkuan Tan   13909268395  
  Hanzhong City Hanzhong City After-sales Service Station Hanfeng North Road, Hanzhong City Baoqiang Yan   18602967155  
Shanxi Province Yangquan City Yangquan City After-sales Service Station Beitouzui Village, Pingding Town, Suburb, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province Rongjun Shi   13097602285  
Beijingoning Province Beijing Beijing Service Station No. 265, South Fourth Ring Road, Fengtai District Xikun Bai   13910912219  
Wenwei Yang   18612039589  
Changming Li   13301189091  
Henan Province Xinxiang City Changyi County After-sales Service Station South of the eastern section of the Great Wall Avenue, Puxi District, Changchun County Haibin Chang   18737382000  
Jilin Province Jilin City Jilin City Service Station No. 69, Building B14, Jilin Baiye International Hardware Auto Parts City Wentao Zhao   17094393539 Northeast Region Manager
Changchun City Changchun City Service Group Changchun City Tao Liu   13689803718 Team leader
Changchun City Changchun City Service Group 2 Changchun City Lei Yu   13944877750 Team leader
Changchun City Changchun City Service Group 3 Changchun City Minqing Wang   15044067833 13944187633 Team leader
Yitong County Yitong Service Station Yitong County Environmental Sanitation Office Xiaolong Chang   15568597766  
Qian'an County Ganan Service Station   Yongliang Cui   15326480594  
Heilongjiang Province Heihe City Heihe City Service Station Heihe City Environmental Sanitation Office Wenhai Liu   13846354110  
Harbin City Harbin Service Station Room 1101, Building B, Public International, Nanjing Road, Harbin Limin Development Zone Hong Qu   13901315990  
Lijing Shen   18686875328  
Yichun City Yichun City After-sales Service Station Yichun Yichun District Yutong Auto Repair Factory Chunbo Yu   13359660002  
Dongliang Liu   13846689790  
Tieli City Tieli City Service Station Sixth Committee of Zhengyang Street, Tieli Town, Tieli City Yougui Wu   13945898073  
Tianhao Wu   15134666559  
Jixi City Jixi City After-sales Service Station Jixi Sanitation Peng Wang   18945813337  
Liaoning Province Donggang City Donggang City After-sales Service Station No. 114, Hongli Comprehensive Building, Zhenbei Street, Dadong District, Donggang City, Liaoning Province Qiang Lin   15842572222  
Dalian City Dalian City Service Station Room 744, Area B, Yifeng Plaza, No. 16 Jinka Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang Kaiyang Jia   13104157622  
  Shenyang city Shenyang City Service Station Room 744, Area B, Yifeng Plaza, No. 16 Jinka Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang Kaiyang Jia   13104157622  

Haikou Haikou City Service Station   Yang Lin   15896416158 Regional manager
Wenchang City Wenchang Service Station Wenchang Haiwei Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., opposite to the oil storage bank of Wengang Road, Wenchang Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province Yang Lin   15896416158  
Dexiu Zeng   13322050093  
Quzhou City Cangzhou Service Station Domestic garbage transfer station in the west area of ??Nada City, north of Industrial Avenue, Cangzhou City, Hainan Province Bao Liu      
Sanya City Sanya Service Station   Shengde Fu   13907570102  
Changjiang City Changjiang Service Station No. 7, Dongfeng Road, Shilu Town, Changjiang Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province Fei Ding   13976505820  
Hubei Province Wuhan Wuhan Service Station Unity Village, Hongshan District, Wuhan City Chao Li   17762556731  
Xiaosheng Chen   18062651443  
Guotao Deng   13476158167  
Chongqing Chongqing Hanjiang District Dashentang Group, Papaya Village, Yongxin Town, Qijiang County, Chongqing Song Han   13320335555  
Xuecheng Wang   13004303638  
Jiaquan Ren   15252788804