After-sales Service Network

After-sales Service Network

Yangzhou Jinwei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic private enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of special vehicles and equipment for environmental sanitation. It has a good reputation and timely service. The company is located in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. In order to ensure that customers in all regions can enjoy the best quality service , Our company has established "Regional After-sales Service Centers" in the main regions of 28 provinces and cities across the country, mainly responsible for the after-sales service of products in various regions and surrounding cities, counties and cities. Each regional center has 3 to 6 service personnel, 1 appraisal and technical personnel, and 2 dedicated after-sales service vehicles in each region. It can ensure that a specific reply will be given within 10 minutes after receiving the customer's telephone repair notice, and the service site will be reached within 2-4 hours (normal failures will not exceed 8 hours to be resolved). In the event of major service failures, our company will quickly and quickly coordinate Integrate the service force between regions and directly assign the company's after-sales service emergency team to the service site to solve the problem (generally no more than 24 hours to solve the problem). Our company has passed the "five-star after-sales service system certification" and has been operating effectively. These measures can ensure that all users can provide timely and efficient after-sales service during the use of the equipment, and solve their worries!

Nationwide after-sales service network table






























Inner Mongolia






The company's service commitment

1.The service stations and service personnel of Kingway Environmental Protection all over the country can provide users with the best quality services and extended value-added services at any time.

2.Provide lifetime technical services for Kingway brand products.

3.Implement return visit service to users who purchase vehicles and equipment.

4.Provide users with an after-sales service hotline, with a dedicated person to receive, record, and deal with customer problems. After receiving the user's phone information, the after-sales service manager will coordinate and arrange, and the service personnel of the regional service station should arrive and provide effective services within 24 hours and 36 hours in remote areas.

5.Provide free technical services for products within the warranty period, and provide paid services for non-profit purposes for products beyond the warranty period.

6.Provide technical training for users to use and maintain the purchased products correctly and reasonably.

7.For users who purchase products for the first time or in large quantities, Kingway Environmental Protection will arrange professional equipment installers and after-sales personnel to provide on-site use guidance and short-term training.

Contact information of national authorized service station of Yangzhou Jinwei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

ProvinceCityService station nameAddressStation Master/SurveyorFixed telephonePhoneRemark
Jiangsu ProvinceYangzhouCompany after-sales service headquarters

50 Xinganquan East Road, Yangzhou City

Wang Chao0514-8582893813004593797
Xu Xuefeng0514-8582893818061162866
YanchengBinhai County Service Station

No. 68, Xiangyang Avenue, Dongkan Town, Binhai County, Yancheng City (Binhai County Haoyu Automobile Service Co., Ltd.)

Chen Xunzhang
Zhejiang ProvinceGaoyouGaoyou Branch


Chu Jian
ShanghaiShanghaiShanghai Fengxian District Service Station

1150 Lanfeng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

Wei Xiaoliang
Wu Jun
Shandong ProvinceJinan CityJinan City Service Station

A2-6-1-1001, Zhonghai International Community, Shizhong District, Jinan City

Zhang Zhuyu
Sun Tianhu
Zhao Hang
TengzhouTengzhou Service Station

South side of the middle school of Houcanggou Village, Nanshahe Town, Tengzhou City

Sun Haihua
WeihaiWeihai City Service Station

17-1002, Zhejiang Mall, Wendeng District, Weihai City, Shandong Province

Tian Jingyi
Shaanxi ProvinceXi'anXi'an Service Station

Building 5, West Gate of Yanchang Petroleum Community, Wenjing Road, Xi'an

Yan Baoqiang
Tao Jianjun
Zeng Fei
Tan Wenkuan

HanzhongHanzhong City Service Station

Hanfeng North Road, Hanzhong City

Yan Baoqiang
Shanxi ProvinceYangquanYangquan Service Station

Beituzui Village, Pingping Town, Suburb, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province

Shi Rongjun

BeijingBeijingBeijing Service Station

265 South Fourth Ring Middle Road, Fengtai District

Bai Xikun
Yang Wenwei
Li Changming
Henan ProvinceNanyang CityNanyang City Service Station

200 meters south of the intersection of Beijing Avenue and Qilin Road, Nanyang City

Wang Yulin
Xinxiang CityChangyuan County Service Station

South of the East Section of Great Wall Avenue, Puxi District, Changyuan County

Chang Haibin

Changchun CityChangchun Service Station

Changchun City

Yellow Sea Eagle
Heilongjiang ProvinceHeiheHeihe City Service Station

In the courtyard of the Environmental Sanitation Department of Heihe City

Liu Wenhai
Jixi CityJixi City Service Station

Jixi Sanitation Office

Wang Peng
Liaoning ProvinceDonggang CityDonggang City Service Station

No. 114, Hongli Comprehensive Building, Zhenbei Street, Dadong District, Donggang City, Liaoning Province

Lin Qiang
Dalian CityDalian Service Station

Room 744, Area B, Yifeng Plaza, 16 Jinka Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang

Jia Kaiyang

Shenyang cityShenyang Service Station

Room 744, Area B, Yifeng Plaza, 16 Jinka Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang

Jia Kaiyang
HainanHaikouHaikou City Service Station
Lin Yang
Wenchang CityWenchang City Service Station

Opposite to the oil depot, Yugang Road, Wencheng Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province Wenchang Haiwei Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

Lin Yang
Zeng Dexiu

ChongqingChongqingQijiang District

Dashentang Group, Papaya Village, Yongxin Town, Qijiang County, Chongqing City

Han Song
Wang Xuecheng

  New Energy After-sales Service Commitment

Accept customers' comprehensive business consultation and provide customers with technical support;Accept and deal with after-sales service of customers' products, and solve customers' difficult problems

Proactively communicate and contact with customers, understand their feelings and needs, and timely feedback customer information to relevant management departments and handle them properly.

In order to enable every customer to receive satisfactory service and maintain a good relationship of trust with the company, we emphasize the pertinence and effectiveness of customer service, and implement a responsibility system that is responsible for every call and every problem of the customer Responsible, so that each other can enhance their relationship and deepen understanding. If you have any questions and needs about our products, or have any comments and suggestions on our services, you are welcome to communicate with us at any time, and we will do our best to serve you wholeheartedly. Your satisfaction is the purpose of our service, and the common development of the company and customers is our persistent pursuit. Facing the future, all employees of the customer service center will warm customers with care and create brilliance with service.

The company has a complete sales and after-sales service management system. The after-sales service of electric vehicles and Shanghai Datong jointly form a professional service team and service network, establish service systems and procedures, and also have service managers for service stations in the new energy vehicle operation area. , Stationmasters, parts supervisors, financial supervisors, workshop supervisors, workshop dispatchers, quality inspectors, machine repair teams, electrician teams and other professionals, provide professional training for new energy vehicle special service station personnel, and the service station is equipped with 3-5 after-sales services Personnel (must be undergraduate or professional in business ability), organize maintenance technicians to SAIC Maxus to participate in the basic technology of electrical network and electrical equipment principles of the whole vehicle system for no less than one month. The service station is equipped with insulation tools, multimeters, CAN multi-function diagnostic cards, insulation cathode testers, infrared thermometers, chargers, charging piles, BMS indicators, pressure gauges, hydraulic oil and filling guns, etc., service station configuration Have spare parts reserve;

1. New energy vehicles have remote monitoring capabilities, build a leap numerical control acquisition platform, and implement real-time monitoring of product operation status;

2. Our company has set up a 24-hour service hotline: 400-889-5908. All service outlets are equipped with relevant after-sales personnel; telephone response time does not exceed 30 minutes, and service stations are set up in all sales areas.

Our company promises to arrive at the site within 3 hours within a service radius of 100 kilometers and within 6 hours within a service radius of 200-300 kilometers after receiving the user’s request for assistance. Chassis problems will be handled by the personnel of the maintenance station of the pure electric chassis manufacturer led by our company. Common faults (air conditioning, heating, instrumentation, etc.) are resolved within 2 hours, and major faults (such as drive system, power battery, motor controller, vehicle controller, bodywork power unit, etc.) are resolved within 8 hours. If it cannot be resolved, a backup will be provided. Vehicles until the problem is solved. The quality problems of the upper part of the vehicle and the garbage disposal equipment are handled by our company directly.

Within ten days from the date the purchased vehicle arrives at the customer’s designated site, it is responsible for the training of the customer’s operators, so that they can correctly grasp the safe use and maintenance methods of the vehicle, familiarize themselves with the operating procedures, and know the operating precautions to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle run. Clearly put forward requirements for the use of new energy vehicles, and help customers establish new energy vehicle use management systems and emergency management systems.

After the product is sold, the chassis part can be repaired at the nearest SAIC Maxus after-sales service outlet with the "Quality Warranty Card" of the chassis. The power battery and other energy storage devices, drive motors, and motor controllers can be guaranteed for 5 years or 200,000 kilometers (first come) Prevail). One-year warranty on the upper part. After the new energy vehicle purchased by the customer exceeds the warranty period specified in the warranty manual, the company promises to provide lifetime technical support and spare parts support. General failures will be resolved within 4 hours, and major failures will be resolved within 24 hours. Other conventional parts (cab, frame, front and rear axle, etc.) failures shall be guaranteed in accordance with the requirements of the vehicle warranty manual. Provide spare vehicles for those that cannot be resolved until the problem is resolved.

In order to ensure that consumers can keep abreast of our company’s new energy vehicle product quality assurance commitments and after-sales service items and other related content, in addition to the instructions in the "Warranty and Maintenance Manual" on the vehicle, our company’s relevant after-sales service commitments have been published on our company’s website. Announced, users can learn about all the after-sales service commitments of our company by logging in to our company's website and the "Service Manual" issued with the car. After-sales service information is published on our company's website and is subject to social supervision.

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