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Trash can cleaning system

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Product Brief

  Device introduction:

  The trash can cleaning car is converted from the Futian chassis. The whole vehicle adopts the latest technology of Korea and is the first professional special sanitation vehicle for the sanitation garbage bin cleaning in China. The car can be equipped with a 120-liter, 240-liter cleaning device or a 660-liter barrel cleaning device according to user requirements.

The cleaning process uses a one-button automatic cleaning function controlled by PLC, on the outside of the barrel, inside the barrel and on the lid Perform no dead angle cleaning separately. The cleaning process automatically adds the cleaning solution and the disinfecting solution, so that the rough washing, fine washing and disinfecting processes are completed in one time. At the same time, according to the cleaning procedure of the trash can, different modes of quick washing, normal washing and strong washing can be freely selected, and the cleaning time and water consumption can be effectively reduced while the maximum program ensures the washing procedure. For high-pollution trash cans such as kitchen waste bins, the vehicle can also be equipped with a heating cleaning device to clean the washing water to 70 degrees Celsius, and the washing ability is very strong.

The vehicle is also equipped with a high-pressure water gun, a cleaning liquid spray gun, and a disinfectant spray gun for non-standard trash cans. Manual cleaning. At the same time, the vehicle can be equipped with a front-mounted high-pressure road surface cleaning device with a cleaning width of up to 2.1 meters; and a rear spray dust-reducing device, which truly realizes a multi-purpose vehicle.

The launch of this type of vehicle effectively fills the gap in domestic sanitation special vehicles, and manages the domestic sanitation refinement operations. Provide a new idea and solution.

Product brief technical parameters

Product model



Overall parameters

Dimensions(length × width × height) (mm)


Total mass(含乘员)(kg)


Clear water tank volume(L)


Sewage tank volume(L)


Bucket volume(L)


Cleaning method

High-pressure water, detergent and brush cleaning

Single cleaning time(s)

60-140(Third gear cleaning option)

Single cleaning trash can(个)


Cleaning ability(One/hour)

50-120(Third gear cleaning option)