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Multifunctional compact wet sweeper

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Product Brief

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Introducing European and American technology and jointly developing a multi-functional compact city sweeper jointly with Jilin University and Yangzhou University, regardless of cleaning the city center The narrow area is also an outdoor area that requires professional cleaning, and its versatility and all-terrain are superior.

Our strengths

1, high-speed centrifugal spray dust control technology and cyclone three-stage filtration system, compared with traditional sweeping machine, water consumption can be saved by 70%, even in dry and dusty conditions, the cleaning process can still reach European PM10 control Dust standard;

2. The machine adopts full load-bearing structure, equipped with 4-wheel full drive and full independent suspension system, with road climbing With all-weather ability. The machine has the largest transition and cleaning speed of similar models in China, and the front axle can automatically extend at high speed to ensure the stability of vehicle operation;

3, using Japan's Kubota imported turbocharged diesel engine, which consumes only 1 liter of diesel per hour, its fuel utilization rate is More than 3 times that of traditional sweepers;

4. The high-speed centrifugal fan can be used to generate powerful garbage suction. The front brush has height adjustment and sweep width adjustment. Powerful function of stepless speed change;

5. The electrical system uses the CANBUS technology of the US pakerMD3 module;

6. The machine is equipped with a large stainless steel dustbin with a volume of 1.1 cubic meters and is fully dumped; Span>

7. The machine is equipped with an extended vacuum tube, which can easily clean the roadside, flower beds, park benches and other vehicles. The garbage is activated; the high-pressure water gun is equipped to easily remove stubborn stains and stains on various road surfaces and corners, and achieve self-cleaning of the vehicle. It can also be equipped with a front-surface high-pressure cleaning device, which can effectively solve the problem of cleaning and cleaning of narrow streets and roads.

8. The key components such as hydraulics and electrical are imported from Eaton, Parker and HydraForce, which are reliable and faulty. Low rate and stable working conditions;

9. Optional snow sweeping and salting function, and quick cleaning with cleaning mechanism.

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Product brief technical parameters


Basic parameters

Sweeping system


Trash bin volume


Dust bin rated loading quality


Dustbin material

Stainless steel

Water tank volume

Standard 210L

Garbage bucket built-in water tank 380L

With tow tank 670L

Cleaning efficiency


Dust filtration system

Cyclonic three-stage filtration

Dust control system

High-speed centrifugal spray dust control technology


Kubota imported four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine 44.9 horsepower(33kw)

Drive type

Full hydraulic four-wheel drive

Driving speed


Sweeping speed


Control System

Based on American parker technology

Dimensions (length × width × height)

Driving mode (high speed) 3450×1400×1980(mm)

Working mode (low speed) 3450×1140×1980(mm)

Total mass



Front wheel950/1260mmVariable, rear wheel970mm

Optional function

High-pressure washing operation function, washing operation function, high-pressure water sweeping function, external extended vacuuming function, external high-pressure water gun flushing function, snow sweeping function, salting operation function, snow pushing operation function.


空调、Reversing image, warm air, skylight, CD player, cigarette lighter ,Fire Extinguisher, etc.