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Compact wet and dry sweeper

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Product Brief

Introducing European and American technology and jointly developing a compact wet and dry sweeper jointly with Jilin University and Yangzhou University, in the true sense The flexibility of indoor and outdoor cleaning and excellent cleaning results.

How it works :

The side brush sweeps the garbage into the main brush track, then the main brush sweeps the garbage from the ground into the trash can, vacuum The system allows dust and air to pass through the dustbin and dust control system. After cleaning, the dust filter is vibrated and the dustbin is emptied. The cleaning method can be adjusted in different environments to maximize the use of the vehicle for cleaning.

Our strengths

1. Cyclonic three-stage filtration system with excellent dust control capability, with a diameter as small as 0.5% with an efficiency of 99% Micron submicron dust particles are filtered out;

2. Compared with similar sweepers, it is compact, flexible, and easy to handle various cleaning environments;

3, using Japan's Kubota imported diesel engine, strong power, less fuel consumption, only consume 3 liters of diesel per hour;

4, using high-strength steel body design, the machine has higher strength, stronger stiffness, longer service life, long-term Operation, reliable performance;

5. The flap valve with retractable spring sweeps the rubbish that may escape from the main brush into the trash can, improving the sweeping Efficiency;

6. Key components such as hydraulics and electrical appliances are imported from Eaton, Parker, HydraForce, and Japan Kubota. Reliable operation, low failure rate and stable working conditions;

7. Equipped with a color-coded brush wear indicator to quickly set the brush's ground pressure to provide consistent sweep performance < /span>

8. With a fully open design, maintenance is easy and quick and easy to maintain without tools;

9. The lowest level of noise in the engine sweeper at the same level is 80 decibels;

10. Equipped with a dustbin thermal sensor, once the temperature inside the bin is detected, an alarm will be issued and the sweep will be turned off. Function, operator safety is guaranteed;

12. One-touch operation, all sweeping functions can be activated with a single click.


Product brief technical parameters


Basic parameters

Sweeping system

2100 mm

Trash bin volume   


Dust bin rated loading quality


Water tank volume


Water spray operation time

70 minutes

Dust filtration system

Cyclonic three-stage filtration

Dust control system

Three-level control


Kubota imported four-cylinder diesel engine 36 horsepower(26.5kw)

Driving system

Full hydraulic rear wheel drive, rear wheel dynamic assisted steering (in situ steering)

Driving speed

≤20  km/h

Sweeping speed

≤10  km/h

Control system

Based on US parker technology

Dimensions (length × width × height)


Total quality

2970 kg


Heating, air conditioning, fire extinguishers, warning lights, etc.