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Intelligent single-type trash can cleaning equipment

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Product Brief

  (1) The trash can cleaning station adopts a fully enclosed cleaning method, and there is no environmental pollution on site;

(2) The power supply of the trash can cleaning station is provided by a 380V 60HZ motor, and the air compressor provides a gas source;

(3) The trash can cleaning mode is diversified, and one 120L or 240L trash can can be cleaned separately, or two garbage cans (120L and 240L) can be cleaned at the same time; / automatic two cleaning modes;

(4) Double-acting hydraulic cylinder with automatic turning mechanism of sprocket rotation structure, stable operation and precise position control;

(5) Trash can automatic clamping mechanism, only a few small mechanisms to hold the trash can, holding firmly, can clean the inner and outer walls of the trash can and the trash can cover To avoid the inability to clean the outer wall of the trash can due to structural complexity;

(6) Planetary outer wall cleaning mechanism with brush and detergent and high pressure water for high cleanliness and good effect;

(7) Equipped with high-pressure water gun, detergent high-pressure spray gun, disinfectant spray gun, can manually clean stubborn stains; equipped with sewage recycling system, sewage has been filtered several times Afterwards, it can be recycled again to improve the utilization of water resources;

(8) equipped with a heating system to ensure that the trash can cleaning station can be used normally in all seasons;

(9) Equipped with a cleaning agent tank to improve the cleaning effect of the trash can; equipped with a disinfectant tank, and disinfected the trash can after cleaning to avoid the spread of germs; Span>

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Product brief technical parameters

Product number


Overall parameter

Dimensions (length × width × height)(mm)


Clear water tank volume(L)

2400   ( tap water automatically adds water)

Sewage tank volume(L)

160    (filtered out)

Bucket volume(L)


Cleaning method

Fully sealed cleaning; brush + detergent + high pressure water cleaning

Single full cycle cleaning time(s)

60-140(Three-speed adjustable)

Trash can tighten

Automatic tightening

The number of trash cans per job (a)


Cleaning ability (one / 8 hours)

≥600 (medium speed)

Oil temperature in the fuel tank after cleaning equipment for 2 hours


System pressure of hydraulic system running at no load


Hydraulic system working pressure


Working pressure of the pneumatic system


Working pressure of hydraulic system