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Pre-announcement table for cleaner production projects

Table2 Environmental Information Disclosure Form of "Double Ownership" Enterprises

Enterprise name

Yangzhou Jinwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Organizational code


Legal Representative


Production address


Production cycle



Refitted automobile manufacturing [C3620]

Contacts and Telephones


Main Contents of Production, Operation and Management Services

Refitted automobile manufacturing,YZJW series car dischargeable garbage trucks with annual output of 1000 (including pull-arm trucks and mobile compressed garbage bins) and 600 vacuum suction trucks

Use of toxic and harmful substances


Annual usage





Raw material



Raw material



Raw material

Discharge of toxic and harmful substances


Annual emissions

Emission concentration

Xylene emission from primer mixing, primer spraying and primer drying



Primer mixing, spray primer, primer drying SO2

0.4502 tons

9.7341 mg/m3

Primer mixing, spray primer, primer drying NOX

0.9014 tons

19.4897 mg/m3

Medium-coated paint, top-coated paint, spray-coated paint, mid-coated paint drying to emit xylene

0.0119 tons


Xylene Emission from Spray Paint and Topcoat Drying

0.0612 tons

1.3231 mg/m3

Hazardous Waste Generation, Treatment and Disposal


Annual output

Disposition direction

Waste air filter cotton (S7)

0.043 tons

Dongshenggu Waste Environmental Protection Treatment Co., Ltd.

Waste Sandpaper (S8)

0.104 tons

Grinding Room Dust (S9)

7.975 tons

Waste paint residue (S10)

22.62 tons

Waste activated carbon (S11)

0.032 tons

Waste Glass Fiber Cotton (S12)

2.4 tons

Waste oil, waste emulsifier (S2, S14)

0.8 tons

Waste rags (S3, S15)

0.4 tons

Oily sludge (S16)

5 tons

Waste Degreasing Solution (S17)

0.043 tons

Implementing Environmental Wind According to Law

Risk prevention and control measures

Preparing and filing environmental emergency plans, completing risk assessment of environmental emergencies and building environmental safety standards, and implementing various environmental risk prevention and control measures.