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Common Faults of Sweeper and Treatment Measures

  The sweeper makes people's cleaning work more convenient and effective. The compliance of sweepers has greatly improved the efficiency of cleaning work. If there are any problems, we can refer to these measures to deal with them.

  1. The screw hole sliding button will cause oil leakage or link loosening, making it unable to work. At this time, the original screw is smashed flat with a hammer, so that both sides shrink and increase, then tighten well, and repair it when the next maintenance.

  2. The broken belt of electric fan can be tied with wire or driven away by using measures.

  3. When a tubing rupture occurs, it can be wiped clean, wrapped with cloth or rubber cloth around the tubing rupture, tightened with wire, and then coated with soap.

  4. The hose of the sweeper's inlet and outlet water is broken, and the display of the inlet and outlet water pipes of the sweeper's water tank is very large. When the water pipes are broken in operation, the leak can be wrapped up with a cloth coated with soap. If the break is large, the hose can be blocked by the break, and a bamboo or iron pipe can be put on both ends and tied up with wire.