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Knowledge Sharing of Sweeper Maintenance Process and Maintenance

  The floor sweeper is widely used all over the world. The carpet is multi-layer structure, which makes it easy to bury stains and dirt. The stain is not only on the surface of carpet, but also deepens the supporting layer of tangled fibre structure. The carpet of sweeper is rubbed from time to time. The stain and dirt will want to be buried deeply. The spread of carpet stain is usually 80% - 85% dry stain, which is spread on the surface of carpet. 15% - 20% is oily stain, stubborn stain, which is at both ends of carpet and deep layer.

  Carpet care includes preparation, maintenance and treatment, effective control of indirect contamination of purification sources, such as arranging a high-volume carpet at the door, while absorbing moisture, scraping dirt on the sole. Choose fair and clean disposition, and use clean disposition and cleaning agent accurately. The criterion of stain disposal should be based on the criterion of fast and fast disposal in real time.

  Now carpet cleaning equipment is sweeper, the result of carpet cleaning indirectly affects the life and function of carpet, so when cleaning carpet, we should choose suitable sweeper equipment and carpet cleaning agent according to the material of carpet and the level of carpet purification.