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    Yangzhou Jinwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 7, 2013, to expand the scale of R&D and production. It is composed of the same shareholders of Yangzhou Jinwei Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Established on May 21, 2004, Yangzhou Jinwei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise engaged in research and development, production, sales and service of sanitation equipment and special vehicles. In 2010, it participated in the National Science and Technology Spark Program project. The project name is "jwsy/11-01 Mobile Waste Compression Equipment". In 2011, the company was recognized as a "national high-tech enterprise", and in 2013, it was recognized by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department. The company was awarded "Academician Workstation of Enterprises in Yangzhou City" in the same year as "Engineering Technology Research Center of Waste Treatment Equipment Manufacturing in Jiangsu Province".

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  • Compact dry-wet dual-purpose sweeper
  • Hopper-connected cylindrical mobile garbage disposal equipment
  • Hopper-connected square mobile garbage disposal equipment
  • Fixed Waste Cans Cleaning Mechanism
  • Multifunctional Compact Wet Cleaner
  • Waste Cans Cleaning Vehicle System